Our Story

The journey of Maatritava started with my own journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

I lived surrounded by elders in the family and was fed a lot of specific traditional delicacies.
I had a pretty smooth pregnancy and was back to my fit self within no time.

The experience gave me a lot of confidence in traditional ways and food wisdom of our ancestors. I became an advocate of these ideas and told many women in my network to try them.
But surprisingly most of the women around me did not eat these or were reluctant even to try them. That's when I thought of presenting the traditional snacks for women in a new way making them more palatable and appealing to women of now.

Giving a scientific background to these ways thereby establishing credibility was equally crucial. Hence we tied up with scientsits at CSIR IHBT to co develop these products with their expertise. We at Maatritava believe, it is important to bring focus on eating local Indian superfoods which drive the agriculture ecosystem in our country as well as have innumerable health benefits.

And this drives Maatritava!

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